Let Our Experts Manage Your Social Media

The key to getting the social media results is focusing on the proper channels and activities. Targeting the appropriate communities and outlets to achieve your personal or professional goals is a calculated method and not one that you should manage alone.
When it comes to picking a social media management company to assist you in your brand’s growth, awareness, strategy, activities, Techsofter is your best bet, hands down.
We can successfully handle the creation of your social media strategy so that you’re social media presence and online communication is in sync and flows with great eloquence. But it doesn’t stop there!
At Techsofter, each client is assigned a dedicated team of managers who remain diligently focused on every aspect of your Digital Marketing and Social Media campaign from scheduled posts, user comments or questions, community management, and everything in-between.
In an ever-evolving and socially connected world, businesses and brands must maintain multiple social media accounts throughout various social media platforms in order to effectively reach their desired audiences. Therefore, the necessity to leverage the knowledge and resources of a credible Digital Marketing and Social Media Management company is highly recommended.
Your brand may likely require an onset of various management services depending on your brand’s product or service life cycle.

Here are some of the services that we proudly manage for our clients:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • To attain measurable results, a brand must have total alignment between its vision and its business objectives. Clear and diligent timelines allow for our company to consistently deliver top-tier campaign results each and every time.

  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Artisans of the written word, our content creators and the team of copywriters take the time to get to know your company and brand. Through this involvement process, we can ensure that each piece of content is curated with the right brand voice and message. You have a story to tell your audience and we’ll make sure the message is one that engages and attracts.

  • Facebook Advertising
  • We find Facebook advertising fascinating. Whether you need us to assist you in developing a particular message to attract the masses or identify your targeting parameters, placing you in front of your ideal audience is what we do best.

  • Instagram Advertising
  • The growth potential of a properly developed and managed Instagram account is unlike any other medium available in today’s social era. One size does not fit all when it comes to content curation on Instagram.

  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • One of the most sophisticated B2B tools in the industry. Let Social Media 55 build your campaign today.

  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Pinterest is a great way to get people pinning your boards! We can create and manage your Pinterest campaign.

  • Twitter Advertising
  • We offer the ability to manage and tweet for you while operating your ads campaign.

  • YouTube Advertising
  • We can help optimize your YouTube channel for greater success. Video content is being utilized more and more each day.